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About Green Kruger Lodge

Eco-friendly pest control

Eco-friendly and bio-degradable pesticide was used during building of the straw-bale walls and the thatch roof. This pesticide is also a natural fire-retardant.  To manage mosquitoes in the summer, we have 2 bat-houses and hope that the bat families will find them to their liking to help use less mosquito repellents.

Alternative (Green) building practices

Almost 50% of the walls were built with means of straw-bales, a pure waste product of wheat farming. This provides for better climate control.

After each day of building, the site was cleaned. For example, nails, screws and wires were picked up and the grass for thatching was collected and re-bundled for use the following day. The back-fill of the foundations, as well as some of the clay-sand used for dipping the straw-bales were collected from the local dump-site. The boma was constructed from left-over building material. The headboards for the beds were made from left-over building material. The footpath was filled with left-over gravel and rocks from the surrounding bushveld.                                      

All paints used in building or up-cycling are lead free.                                                



Our website and facebook pages make our stance for being GREEN very clear and we will ensure that guests are fully aware of this. As a family we have become accustomed to leading a green lifestyle. However, we cannot expect guests to simply "fall in line", and hope that our green educational tips will assist them in making the effort to conserve energy.

Training/ green education started during the building phase: workers were told about green building principles and about conserving water & electricity during their day-to-day working on-site. This education practice continues now with household-staff.

Our staff taught us how to make floorpolish which contains far less harmful chemicals compared to the mass produced products.

Energy & Water Conservation

All light-bulbs are the LED or energy-saving type and the perimeter lights have a timer switch.
All shower heads are water & energy saving.
Green Kruger also does not offer the "luxury" of baths in the guest suites as this is a big energy & water waster.
Sheet & Towel Re-use Program is in place - this practice reduces water & electricity usage.Green Kruger Lodge uses pre-paid electricity which reduces electricity.  We also use the latest technology gas geysers and only do our cooking on gas or open fire ("braai").

Community assistance

All our tin, glass and plastic consumable products go to staff to generate extra income by taking these recyclables to recycling stations.  

Up-cycling of durables

We love taking the old and making it new!  Most of our furniture are up-cycled from second-hand furniture or made from previously used pallets.

Catch & Release

We love nature and believe there is a sensitive eco-system that needs to be taken care of.  As such, we ensure that all animals - big and small - are caught and released elsewhere.